How To Hide Moobs With a Bra

This article will introduce you to so called moobs bra. By reading it you will discover what a moobs bra or vest is exactly, and how you can use it to hide your man breasts.

What Is a Moobs Bra?

As if it isn’t stressful enough trying to hide your man boobs, you have to contend with only wearing button, long sleeved shirts and very baggy sweaters – even in extremely hot weather.

This is because anything else proves either too tight or revealing.

However, instead of suffering with self-consciousness that can affect your posture and self confidence, you may opt for gynecomastia vests or gynecomastia bras, also known as man boobs bras or man boobs vests.

You may use these vests to hide your moobs as they are said to work well in flattening down the chest.

However, these should only be used as a temporary solution until you are able to permanently get rid of your gynecomastia. You should also note that man boobs bras could also potentially result in an embarrassing situation especially when getting intimate with a girl.

A male bra – also referred to as a compression vest, compression bra, gynecomastia vest or brossiere refers to the type of bra that is worn by men.

Some men suffering from gynecomastia will opt to wear male bras which typically flatten the chest area rather than lift it. Men who have enlarged breasts as a result of obesity or gynecomastia may opt to wear a male bra in order to provide support for their breasts, as well as flattening their appearance.

Hiding Moobs With Moobs Bras

Man bras help men with gynecomastia to keep their man breasts in check. This way, they are able to engage in exercise such as aerobics, go about their daily routines without fear of jiggling and generally feel confident in how they look.

Just like women’s bras, male bras may come with adjustable straps for added comfort, in order to ensure that you remain at ease while wearing them.

Gynecomastia vests are easy to put on as you simply slip them on like you would a sweater or t-shirt. Some vests even come with 3-way adjustment for tightness.

In order to determine the right size of man bra for you, you will need to take measurements of your chest area. First, take a snug measurement under your bust line using a tape measure.

Next, you should measure over the fullest section of your chest – again not too loose or tight. You should then take the average of these two measurements and use it to determine the right size of male bra for your needs.

Male bras generally require the same type of care and maintenance as women’s bras. Gynecomastia vests may be hand washed or machine washed but only in cold water.

These should not be ironed or placed near any type of heat source. Also avoid drying in the dryer or using any type of bleach on your man bra.

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