Gynecomastia Symptoms

Gynecomastia refers to the overgrowth of mammary glands in men. This gives an appearance of “male breasts”. This “chesty condition” can be very embarrassing. It can take a toll on your social life. Although, it can affect men of any age, it is most prevalent among boys undergoing puberty. During puberty, the hormonal levels fluctuate. Hormones like estrogen (female hormone) and testosterone (male hormone) are usually present in varying degrees among both sexes. Females have higher levels of estrogen, and testosterone is present in high level among the male population. When a male goes through puberty, a temporary hormonal imbalance might occur, whereby relative to testosterone, estrogen level might increase. This can result in glandular overgrowth, which results in male breast augmentation. The situation usually resolves itself once the hormone levels begin to balance out. Thus, in most pubertal boys, this situation gets settled in a year or two. There…


Lavender And Tea Tree Oils Cause Prepubertal Gynecomastia

If you have read my article about gynecomastia causes, it is no secret for you that there are numerous reasons why certain men have (or develop) man boobs or so called moobs. But did you know that laventer and tea tree oils can also cause prepubertal gynaecomastia?

You may find this article interesting, especially if you have a young boy who suffers from prepubertal gynecomastia.